3710 Farnum Creek Rd, Milford, KS
Adventure Racing, Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Retreats & more!
              L.A. 50-50 A TRAIL OF CHOICES  5/12/13
Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled due to lack
of interest.  We apologize for any inconvenience this
may have caused.

A day of trail heaven with like minded people.  Come by yourself or bring your support crew
(family and friends), your bike and/or running shoes.  Run and/or bike and hang out on the
shores of Milford Lake all day if you want.  Lunch and dinner will be delivered on site, so you
can relax and refresh and visit in between the dirt.  The only thing not available on site will be
beer at the finish--add to your gear list if you want.  

The Course
10.5 mile loops of trail at Milford State Park consisting of single track and mowed path
through the woods, ravines and along the beautiful shores of Milford Lake.  Great trail for
speed, terrain variation, shade, some nice hills and a few technical spots.  See the
page for more information on the course and for lodging/activities in the area.  Bike helmet
is required while biking.  Type of bike you ride is up to you, no requirement.  However,
mountain bike is recommended/bike repair kit  suggested.

All net proceeds for the 5k run/walk will go the local United Way.  Please support our
local community!

Registration Dates
  • Normal registration is through 4/21/13.
  • Late on-line registration for all events is available until 5/6/12, for an extra $10/race.
  • You can also register at Big Poppi Bicycle Co in Manhattan through 5/6
  • Race day registration is open for all races except combos (run/bike)-but you can still
    register for bike and run separately on race day.  Race day reg is an extra $20/race.
  • Preregistration will take guesswork out of the event for you and the race organizer,
    please consider it if at all possible.  Thank you!

Packet Pick Up, Race Day Registration, Start/Cutoff/Award/Meal Times:
  • Packet pickup on race day for preregistered runners & combos is 6:15am to 6:45am.
  • Packet pickup/waivers on race day for preregistered bikers is 12:15pm to 12:45pm.
  • Race day registration for run (and/or bike) is 5:30am-6:15am
  • Race day registration for bike only is 11:15am-12:00pm
  • ALL run/walk distances will start at 7am; cutoff time for 50k run is 1:30pm.
  • Awards for all distance runs will be at 1:00pm
  • ALL bike distances will start at 1:30pm, cutoff time for 50k bike is 6:30pm.  
  • Awards for all distance bikes/combos will be at 6pm.
  • Lunch will be available on site from 12:00pm to 1pm.
  • Dinner will be available on site from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.
  • Showers are available at the park.

Even T-shirts, lunch and supper
  • Not your typical event shirt, they are performance blend t-shirts, a $20 value and are
    THE past event favorites. Available for purchase during on-line registration for $15
    and $20 (in limited quantities and sizes) on race day.
  • Lunch is pizza, chips, doughnuts; with pre-registration $7/each, race day $10/each
  • Dinner is sloppy joes, corn-on-the-cob, fresh salad, brownies, $ same as above.

Refunds and Weather Postponement
  • This is NOT a fair weather race.  However, if trails are VERY muddy on race day
    (recent very heavy rain/accumulation) and riding/running would damage trails--OR if
    tornado watch/warning is expected, the event will be postponed until June 9th.  This
    has never happened (last 4 years).  There's nothing wrong with a little rain, mud and
    wind--but if there is potential for really severe weather or long term damage to trails,
    the weather postponement would be posted 24 hrs prior to race.
  • Full refunds (except fee) prior to 30 days before event and prior to May
    17th in event of weather postponement.  No refunds/no exceptions after these dates.

Racers can register for one or more races:
Volunteers welcome for aid stations.  Bring a friend/family member who can volunteer for 4
hours for 15% refund of registration fee, or for 8 hours for 30% of registration fee.  Prior
coordination (by May 6th is required, contact

    5k run or walk: $25 normal/$35 late/$45 race day registration
    10 mi or 20 mi run:  $30 normal/$40 late/$50 race day
    50k run:   $40 normal/$50 late/$60 race day

    10 mi or 20 mi bike: $30 normal/$40 late/$50 race day
    50k bike: $40 normal/$50 late/$60 race day  

    10 mi run/10 mi bike combo: $45 normal/$55 late/no race day registration
    20 mi run/20 mi bike combo: $45 normal/$55 late/no race day registration
    50k run/50k bike combo:  $55 normal/$65 late/no race day registration  

    *20mi = 2 loops, if you only make 1, you will be ranked against other 10 milers.
    *50k = 3 loops, if you make it less than 3 loops (for bike or for run) you will still have
    an official time and will be ranked either as a 10mi or 20mi, depending on full loops.

Registration includes:
Marked course, event permits/insurance, timing, awards, event water bottles,aid station
every 5 miles (water, gatorade, bananas, jelly beans, etc), bottled water/soda and cookies at
the finish.  Plus you get to hang out, run and ride all day with like minded people on the
shores of Milford Lake!    T-shirts, lunch and dinner are available for additional cost, but
were not included in registration in an effort to keep registration fees lower for those that
don't want those things.  

Awards: Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (plus medals for all finishers of any 50k distance):
    Run male open (5k,10mi, 20mi and 50k)
    Run female open (5k,10mi, 20mi and 50k)
    Bike male open (10mi, 20mi and 50k)
    Bike female open (10mi, 20mi and 50k)

    Race Discounts or Gear Prizes (TBD) in these divisions:
    Combo Run-Bike male  (10 bike/10 run; 20 bike/20 run; 50 bike/50 run)
    Combo Run-Bike female (10 bike/10 run; 20 bike/20 run; 50 bike/50 run)  

Map with start, 5k turnaround, parking and aid station will be added soon.
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